What I’m Loving #1: Pumpkin Seeds by Harvested for You


  What the…?

IMG_2141  IMG_2140  IMG_2139

The effffff?

Is on the furniture?

I wandered around my house the other day after emerging from a nap feeling like Mother Nature was hanging flora for criminal charges. What the hell could a plant possibly do wrong, anyway?


The beautiful bald head of “Mother Nature”. Not so fruitful in the hair department, but gee, can this guy crank out herbs.

My dad really wants to be a farmer when he grows up. Or a meteorologist. He goes back and forth between the two of those, but more often than not, he dreams up crazy ways to reap produce and pretend it came from a farm rather than our tiny dot of suburbia. Being the granola that I have become, this is perfectly okay with me. I learn a lot about nature from that father of mine, which is totally groovy to a “Grokette”.

I’m going to call him “Daddy Bartlett” on the blog from now on. The only fruit this weirdo will eat by itself are Bartlett pears.

The smell of herbs reminds me of childhood because of Daddy Bartlett. Basil, particularly; it was the first plant Daddy Bartlett potted for our now abundant herb garden. Which is presently over-producing. Instead of throwing away all the parsley n’ thyme goodness, Daddy Bartlett decided to try his hand at drying them up for using in the kitch. I like cooking with wrinkly-fresh things. You know what else I like?


Pumpkin seeds. Can you believe I’ve never tried them until last weekend? Ugh. They’re to die for. I’m renowned for my wonky taste buds, but these taste something like Goldfish to me. I’m also renowned for my infatuation with Goldfish. Before I started caring about not putting junk into my body, I went through cartons at a time. Like-…gallon-sized cartons. No lie. And no, I was not fattened by this habit, strangely. Then again, I’m not one of those people who can’t eat healthy snack foods without turning into a blob of chub. I’ve noticed that Paleo people tend to poo-poo nuts because it’s easy to pack on the pounds. I am not that sort of person. I can eat one to two handfuls of nuts a day (and sometimes more, if I get the hangries) and be peachy keen. I tried to limit my intake right around when my health started to decline, and it wasn’t all that pretty. I’ve recently added regular nut consumption back in and find that I feel leagues better when I indulge on their fatty goodness. We can’t always worry about what some foodie/guru says about Omega 3 and 6 ratios. Sometimes you gotta listen to your gut. My gut loves the shit out of cashews and almonds. And peanut butter. Iknowpeanutsarenotnutsshutup.

Ahem. Back to the topic: these awesomesauce pumpkin seeds. I love them so much that they’re the feature of the first installment of my new weekly series, “What I’m Loving”! In these sorts of posts, I’ll rant at you about a food/object/exercise/person/thought that I’m obsessed with. It will mostly be food. Oink. 😉


For me? Well, ain’t you swell! 😀

The company that produces these seeds is apparently called “Harvested for You”, which I think is freaking clever. I was actually flattered by it…or something. Is that embarrassing or awkward of me? Whatevs.

IMG_2131   IMG_2132

I don’t usually pay attention to the nutrition label unless I’m looking at sodium or sugar content, but there’s a quick gander for you, if you’re interested. I focused in on the most important part. Look at that tiny ingredient list! From the way these taste, you would think they were dusted with all sorts of flavored powders. But noes, they’re squeaky clean and seasoned only with salt. If the bold print didn’t catch your eye, these are processed in the same plant that crunches some not-so-allergen-friendly items, so if you’ve got an Achilles heel in your belly, eat with caution.

Like I was saying before, they taste like Goldfish to me. ‘Nuff said. It’s an automatic winner in my book. The texture is more chewy than crunchy, which felt a little freaky to me, but there’s nothing wrong with having a freaky party in your mouth, eh? 😛


PS. It’s my birthday today. I just felt like I should mention that. I’m turning double decades.

~Talk to me! You got a favorite new snack? How do you feel about consuming nuts regularly?


2 thoughts on “What I’m Loving #1: Pumpkin Seeds by Harvested for You

  1. i just polished off a 2lb bag of their great pumpkin seeds. @ $10 a pop i don’t think i’ll be doing it again unless i can find it for less money.

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